We try to do everything we can to protect our planet, which is also our home. Home is where we feel best, it is the place that represents the heart of our activities and our lives. If we take care of your home, it is our duty to take care of ours too.

We are aware that there are still many efforts to be made but we always try to do our best: we are convinced that every gesture, even the smallest, counts and makes the difference.


Transition to industry 4.0 with new machinery for better energy management


Project with Treedom to plant more than 200 trees


Start of the study to optimise the packaging of our products


Installation of photovoltaic panels oriented towards a renewable energy and energy independence approach


In every choice we make, our territory is always at the center of initiatives aimed at promoting the Made in Italy brand. The woodworking we use, as well as the components of our furniture, come from Italy and originate from correct forest management. The wood comes from forests that have received FSC® certification and the management therefore respects their ten environmental, social and economic criteria, including the improvement of the social and economic well-being of local communities and the mitigation of negative environmental impacts.

The FSC® certified panels we use come from fir and originate from virgin wood, but others come from recycled wood in order to create a circular economy. In addition to having excellent technical characteristics, the virgin and recycled panels we use are sustainable for the environment. In fact, the panels respect the forest they come from, along with its management. Furthermore, felling is controlled and no part of the wood is wasted by remaining unused.
Ask for our FSC® Certified products.

All our panels are also CARB P2 certified and therefore contain a small amount of formaldehyde. This means that they comply with the emission standards required by the Californian CARB certification, which has now become a point of reference in the furniture industry.



Considering the volume of our production, we are aware of the importance of developing packaging solutions that respect the environment. Our goal is therefore to optimise our current packaging to offer other completely sustainable ones.

At the moment we use 99% recycled cardboard to package our products, but that's not all. We have also decided to reduce the use of plastic and polystyrene material in our packaging by 95%. In order to completely eliminate these materials, we are looking for new sustainable packaging solutions.



We are aware that energy is an important resource and we believe in the development of energy independence that we have already begun. To reduce CO2 emissions, we have installed photovoltaic panels in the company. These panels produce 50% of the energy we use, allowing us to partially consume renewable energy that we produce ourselves.

In 2017 we also started our journey to switch to industry 4.0 which combines technological innovation and sustainability. This digital transformation allows us not only to increase our efficiency and productivity thanks to the use of new technologies, but also to become more effective in energy management. Indeed, we can focus on optimising processes and the use of resources in an optimal way to be able to reduce energy waste.



Together with Treedom we have decided to plant more than 200 trees in order to help fight climate change. For us, it is a way to come full circle since melamine is a derivative of wood and constitutes the essence of our products.


In its projects, Treedom also uses a method of agroforestry systems with various benefits. This system means cultivating a heterogeneous combination of trees, shrubs and crops in such a way as to form a positive synergy between them, favouring the development of biodiversity.

  • Long-term carbon absorption
  • Soil enrichment
  • The conservation of biodiversity
  • Improvements in air and water quality

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