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App Mobili Fiver

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If there was a way to try our furniture directly at home before buying it, what would you say?

Today, thanks to technology, it is possible!
Mobili Fiver has made the decision to help their clients with the hardest step of buying a furniture on the internet by developing a new application. The Mobili Fiver App will make you forget about all the doubts you could have before ordering online: it will be just like if you already had the furniture at home, right in front of you.
Do you need a proof? Just watch the video down below ;-)

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However, how does this app work?

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The Mobili Fiver application will help you try the items of our brand directly in your house thanks to the augmented reality.
Because of the augmented reality, you can comfortably watch at home all of our Mobili Fiver products on your compatible smartphone or tablet screens.
You will be able to visualize our items in 3D and to enlarge or rotate them at 360° in a way to understand if the colors or the dimensions suit your home space and decoration.

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Why downloading it?

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Despite the exponential growth of the electronic commerce (even more during the last years), there still are people afraid of ordering online: "Will this furniture look good in my house ?!" Many people ask themselves this type of questions before buying online. Thanks to this application, your doubts and perplexities about purchasing the wrong thing will vanish. Through the screens of your various electronic devices, you can indeed see the furniture against your walls, chose the best item for the space you have, or the most suitable color to your decoration.

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