Are you looking for a space-saving solution? Our extendable tables are the solution!

Extendable tables can be versatile complement furniture always here to receive a great number of guests. An Italian song says:
"Set another place at the table, because another friend has come!"

Today, even more than in the past, there are more and more space problems and not every kitchens can hold tables big enough to receive more than two or four people.

Thanks to their transformation capacity, our extending tables are the perfect way to conjugate your desires of conviviality with your needs to have more space (in a few minutes).

To make a table longer or shorter, there are several mechanisms; you can choose from our shop the one you like between the book-type or sliding opening or the one with the side extensions.
On our online shop, you can find a huge selection of modern extendable tables with a lot of different finishing and a definitively Italian design, always easy to open and close.

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