MobiliFiver has chosen Online Sales as its only sales channel for its products. You will only be able to purchase our products online, therefore there are neither any retailers, nor any showrooms. Such a choice has been made for the very reason of guaranteeing the end customer, the lowest possible price, by skipping all the various intermediary steps. Our motto is this: from the factory to your home, design furnishing accessories at the right price!

If you are afraid of purchasing online, or you simply like "touching things personally" before purchasing... no worries! Thanks to our RETURN goods within 14 days programme, you will be able to return everything without any obligation (and of course, you will be refunded).
Unfortunately we do not create personalised measurements or colours, the choices of our measurements comply with the stability, safety and solidity requirements of our products. However, we invite you to visit us, we like to innovate and therefore we often propose new products and trendy finishes.

MobiliFiver is a brand by GD&C srl

Viale Aquileia 11

33087 Pasiano, PN - Italia

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Tel: +39 0434 604064

Cell: +39 334 7669102


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Mobili Fiver

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Mobili Fiver is a trademark by GD&C srl - P.I. IT01391580931 - Corporation Stock: 45.000,00 Ç - REA Number PN - 73287

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