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Free shipping to:
Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Malta, Netherlands, Norway,
Poland, Portugal, Monaco, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary.
Customs duties or taxes are borne by Mobili Fiver, not by the customer.

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Shipping and delivery

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Shipping Mobili Fiver

Shipping costs are FREE for all destinations in Europe

Mobili Fiver collaborates with international couriers to carry out the deliveries of goods (TNT); these are delivered to the address indicated in the order by the customer and usually during business hours from Monday to Friday (not Saturday or Sunday). We check all of the merchandise; we carefully pack it with personalized packaging.

When we ship the package, the customer receives an email notification with the code to check the shipping status (Tracking number).

The client must immediately report to the Customer Service any impossibility to receive the goods, any changes of the delivery place or any periods of absence in order to proceed with the necessary adjustments. In the absence of such notification, any costs of storage will be charged to the customer. In case of repeated inability to deliver, the goods at the courier's warehouse are available to the customer for a maximum of 5/6 working days; after this period, the order will be canceled. The standard delivery is carried out at street level, near the delivery truck.
Any important details about the place of delivery that may be useful to the courier must be write to .

The shipping process receives priority attention from our staff

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The delivery date is indicated on each item; these may be variable according to the type of product ordered, the availability of stock, the production status at the time of the order, the presence of holidays and according to the place of delivery.

The delivery days indicated on the site are an estimation, calculated in accordance with the average on the history of past shipments, and can be subject to delays or advances, for reasons not directly related to Mobili Fiver. For orders with multiple different products with different delivery times, the client must consider the longest shipping time.

We deliver in 5/7 working days

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We carefully check and pack the goods before their departure from our warehouses. When the package has arrived at his home, the customer must check that: - the number of packages delivered and the exterior appearance is as specified on the transport document or invoice that the courier will deliver; - the packaging is intact and not altered in any way even in the closing strip.
In case of tampering, breakage, dents or cuts, the customer has to ACCEPT the goods "subject to control", accurately describing the damage on the delivery receipt of the courier (eg: Reserve to inspection for dent on boxes).

In case of evident damages to the products, the customer must ACCEPT the delivery stating on the delivery receipt of the courier the reason of the damage (eg: Packing damaged in transit). The customer must not refuse delivery for damage. If you have any doubts at the time of delivery, you can contact the "Customer Service" on +39 0434604064 or you can sand us an e-mail at
We recommend our customer an extreme caution when opening the packaging: scissors or box cutters could damage the product inside. Once he received the material and ascertained the presence of a transport damage, the customer is required to report it to Mobili Fiver within 7 days of receipt of goods in the manner prescribed in the section "Product Warranties" (in this case, do not throw the packaging away until Mobili Fiver confirms it).

For any doubts contact our "Customer Service"

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1. How can I know when will my package be delivered?
The customer receives always e-mail information about the delivery (Tracking code).
Besides, he can check the delivery status in his personal account, under the section “Orders”.

2. What happens if the courier does not find me for the delivery? Do the products come back to Italy?
In case you are not able to receive the products, the courier will try to deliver them three more times. After that, the products will remain in the closest warehouse and you will be contacted to organize a new delivery.

3. When does the courier deliver? On Saturdays and Sundays too?
The deliveries will be possible from Monday to Friday. The products will be delivered at the address indicated from the customer. Eventually is possible to use a different address than the house one, for example the workplace, the neighbors’ house or a bar/shop…

4. Is it possible to arrange an appointment for the delivery?
NO, it is not possible to arrange appointments for the delivery. If you need a delayed shipment, we can postpone the shipment for a maximum of 30 days. After placing your order, you have to send an e-mail to to request a postponement of shipment.
The standard delivery is done ONLY at ground floor.

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