Model Measures Supported Weight Content Seat Height Chair Weight Use
Amanda 42 x 55 x 83.5 cm 120 kg Set of 4 45,5 cm 3,9 kg Indoor and Outdoor
Carlotta 51 x 49 x 78 cm 120 kg Set of 4 45 cm 4,1 kg Indoor and Outdoor
Lucrezia 56 x 49 x 86 cm 120 kg Set of 4 46 cm 4,3 kg Indoor and Outdoor
Matilde 51 x 49 x 75 cm 120 kg Set of 4 45 cm 4,3 kg Indoor and Outdoor
Olivia 55,5 x 53 x 81 cm 120 kg Set of 4 46,5 cm 4,2 kg Indoor and Outdoor
Otello 52 x 46 x 82 cm 120 kg Set of 2 76 cm 7,7 kg Indoor

Modern and contemporary chairs... choose your model!

The chair is one of the furnishing elements perhaps with more personality, and thanks to the use of new materials, a new concept of this "element" has made its way.
Freshness has been added to the lines making the chair a unique and modern element.

Our catalog of Modern Chairs

Chairs are no longer elements defined for a single use but in addition to being useful and comfortable, they must aspire to be almost "works of art". Our catalog of modern chairs contains different models and styles, from chairs for the dining room or for the kitchen, all we need is a cozy and beautiful seat where to relax and enjoy a nice lunch with friends.

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