Questions and Answers

1. Do you have a Showroom? In which shops can I see and purchase your products?
Mobili Fiver has chosen online sales as the only sales channel for its products. You will be able to purchase our furniture only here online, therefore there are neither any retailers, nor showrooms. This decision has been made in order to guarantee the end customer, the lowest possible price, by skipping all the various steps used by intermediaries.
Our motto is from the factory to your home, design furnishing accessories at the right price!
>> If you are afraid of purchasing online, or you simply like "touching things personally" before purchasing... no worries!
Thanks to our RETURN goods within 14 days programme, you will be able to return everything without any obligation (and of course, you will be refunded).

2. Do you create personalised measurements or colours/finishes?
Unfortunately we do not create personalised measurements or colours, the choice of our measurements comply with the stability, safety and solidity requirements of our products. However, we invite you to visit us again, we like to innovate and therefore, we often propose new products and trendy finishes.

3. Can I cancel the order?
Of course, if you wish to cancel the order, contact us immediately via e-mail at: info@mobilifiver.com or send us a message on whatsapp +39 334 7669102; the customer care service will be available to forward your request and provide you with the necessary information.

4. How can I return the products purchased?
If the item that you have purchased on our www.mobilifiver.com website is not satisfactory or you have simply changed your mind, you can return the item within 14 days, in accordance with what is foreseen by law. If you wish to return one of our items purchased on www.mobilifiver.com, remember that you can do this only within and no later than 14 days from the date of delivery of the product. We provide you with two different return options, so you can choose which is the most suitable for you:
A. You can independently return the item by sending it to Mobili Fiver - Viale Aquileia 11 - 33087 Pasiano di Pordenone (Italy). Please, remember to inform us via e-mail at info@mobilifiver.com or by phone: +39 334 7669102, stating
- the name of the person/company specified on the order
- order number
- if possible, the name of the courier and tracking code.
The item must preferibly be in its original packaging and all of its parts protected. Upon delivery, we will inspect the conditions of the item: if it is intact, we will proceed with the total refund of the order. If it is damaged and/or parts are missing, we will refund you partially in relation to the decrease in value of the product.
B. Mobili Fiver can arrange for the item to be collected. In this case, contact us via e-mail at info@mobilifiver.com stating the order number, the day and the timeslot that you prefer for the item to be collected (from Mon-Fri) and we will organise everything. Also in this case, the item must preferibly be in its original packaging and all its parts must be protected. The purchase will be partially refunded, as the return delivery costs will be detracted from the total sum: we will inform you of the procedure and the relative details upon organising the collection.

5. How and when is it possible to receive a refund?
It is possible to receive a total refund if you have independently decided to return the item and the product has been returned in perfect conditions (Mobilifiver reminds you that in this case, the customer is responsible for the return shipping costs as well as any damage caused during transport).
- We will refund the total amount, using the same method of payment used by the purchaser, within 10 days after the item has been returned. If you have carried out the payment using a credit card, we will carry out the refund by bank transfer, therefore, your bank details will be required.
- It will be possible to receive a partial refund, or rather the return delivery costs incurred by Mobili Fiver will be deducted from the total refund amount and the refund will be carried out within 10 days after the item has returned to our headquarters.
*Warning: these methods do not apply if, at the moment the item was purchased, free return promotions were applied.

6. The item was damaged/parts were missing when it arrived. What should I do?
First of all, remember to ACCEPT the goods SUBJECT TO SPECIFIC CONFIRMATION, when the parcel/s are delivered by the postman/courier, especially if the packaging is dented and damaged. If, upon opening or assembling the item, you realise that pieces are missing, or are damaged, contact us immediately via e-mail at assistance@mobilifiver.com, on whatsapp or by calling us on +39 334 7669102. We will need to identify your order: please provide us with your name, order number and a photo of the damage caused. NB: We require the photos so we can see which part has been damaged and to understand how we can solve the situation. In case of damage, we will immediately replace only the damaged part, or, in serious cases, the entire article. DO NOT WAIT! Always check that the item is intact, even if you do not assemble it immediately, and report any damage as soon as possible! The procedure to replace the damaged parts after 7 days could be significantly reduced.

7. Are the products purchased covered by a warranty?
Mobili Fiver guarantees a warranty in accordance with the terms and conditions pursuant to Articles 128 et seq. of the Italian Consumer Code. More specifically, the rights arising from such warranty could be exercised as long as the products have been used properly, with the due diligence and in compliance with its intended use and what is foreseen by the relative indications, and prior to the customer submitting the transport document.

8. Where can I check my order status?
If you are registered on our website, you can check your order status, by accessing your Account page at the top right of the homepage and selecting "Orders". Here you will be able to view the list of all your orders and to monitor the status of those processing. We will notify you of the delivery of your order 24/48hrs before it is actually delivered, by sending you an e-mail to the address stated at the moment of purchase.

9. How much does delivery cost?
Shipping costs are free.

10. What if my country is not specified in the list of countries/destinations? What can I do?
Unfortunately, certain countries or areas are not yet covered by our couriers, however, if you are interested in receiving a quotation, send us an e-mail at info@mobilifiver.com specifying the delivery address, and we will send you an ad hoc quotation especially for you.

11. Do you deliver right up to the floor where I live?
Unfortunately no, we don't. At the moment, our couriers do not carry your goods up to the floor where you live. The delivery notes (entered during the Registration stage) are only indicative and not compulsory (they are at the discretion of the courier).

12. What material are your furniture made of?
All the furniture on the website is made by Mobili Fiver, and the material used is LAMINATED. The laminated is a panel of chipboard covered on the sides with melamine, defined for this, also melamine panel. The melamine that covers the panel with wood finishes, simulates the pores and grain of the wood (for exemple oak, ash ...), perceptible to the touch (very pleasant indeed). As for the polished finishes, they are always made of melamine, but they are painted during the process. We also propose the trendy concrete finish, which is slightly rough to the touch and precisely recalls the porosity of the concrete (however, it is always made of melamine). All surfaces are easy to clean (without the use of aggressive agents) and are only suitable for indoor environments. All the products on the website have the same finish, so for example you can buy the table, the tv stand and the console with oak finish and all the products you will receive, will have the same shades of color (even if purchased after some time) to allow you to have a homogeneous and stylish composition. Exception made for bed frames (of all sizes, both fixed and electric) which instead are made of beech plywood.

13. Is the color of the finishes real? I don't understand it well, what can I do?
Unfortunately it is not easy to transmit the color through the photos, nevertheless we guarantee that the color of the images reflects very much the reality. In any case, if you wish, contact us by e-mail or via whatsapp (+39 3347669102), we will send you photos taken by our customers (who have purchased our products), to better understand the various finishes proposed.

14. It is the first time I purchase online, I don't know how it works and above all if it is a safe purchasing method?
Don't worry, if you don't understand how to make purchases online, call us and ask us on + 39 0434604064 and we are at your complete disposal to help you. Of course it is safe to purchase on our website, we are a 100% Italian artisanal furniture company; we were born to manufacture furniture and for several years now, we have dedicated ourselves to online trading as direct sellers, so as to skip the various intermediaries and we put ourselves on the line (so as to cut the costs). If after purchasing the product, you are not satisfied, don't worry, you can return the goods (see point 4).

15. I am having some technical problems with the website, what can I do?
We would like all our customers to have an excellent shopping experience, but we also know that it is possible to encounter some inconveniences. First of all, make sure that your operating system or your smartphone have downloaded the latest updates available. If the problem persists, write to: info@mobilifiver.com specifying, if possible: - Your operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Mac OS X);
- Your internet browser (e.g.: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Safari);
- Your device (e.g.: computer, smartphone, tablet);
- the description or a screenshot of the error encountered. We will reply as soon as possible.

16. I have a coupon, how do I use it?
Simply proceed with a purchase, add the products in the cart and register (or log in if you are already registered). On the order summary page, a line says: “If you have a promotional code enter it in the dedicated field" enter the discount code and click ”add".
Then click on "continue" to complete the order with the discount applied (with total amount already discounted).

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