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Discover our materials and finishes

All the furniture on our website are made from laminate-faced wood. Laminate-faced wood refers to a chipboard panel, which is coated with melamine paper on both sides. It also is for this reason that it is known as a melamine panel.
Melamine papers that cover the panel with wood finishes imitate the pores and wood grain, creating roughness that gives an (extremely pleasant) feel. However, as regards glossy finishes, always using laminate-faced wood, yet this is painted during processing.
We also propose a very trendy cement-effect, which is slightly rough to the touch and recalls the porousness of cement.

All surfaces are easy to clean (without the need for aggressive detergents) and are suitable only for indoor environments.
All products present on our website and manufactured in our factory have the same finish. Therefore, for example, you can purchase the white ash coffee table, the TV cabinet and the console table and all the products you will receive will have the same color shade (even if purchased at a later stage). The purpose is to enable you to have a homogenous, stylish composition.

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