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Promotion: Wait and Save

What does that mean? We are a small furniture company, unfortunately we do not always manage to cope with the many requests for products from our customers (yes, some products are selling like hot cakes!).
We therefore decided to permit to our customers to book the products, in order to reserve the quantity.
The quality of our products is always the same, but given the wait to receive the products we have decided to make discounts to "repay" your wait.

Here are our discounts based on the time of departure of the shipment:
- 3% discount to wait 1-5 days
- 5% discount to wait 6-15 days
- 10% discount to wait 16-35 days
- 15% discount for wait more than 35 days

The discounted price is linked to our internal production. If the production is anticipated and the item becomes available sooner than expected, the discount is automatically deactivated (it returns to its full price).
ATTENTION: If you have ordered multiple products, take as reference for the shipping time of the entire order, the product with the longest shipping times.

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