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Find the perfect Modern Coffee Tables for your living room

Coffee Tables offer a great place to put decorations and plants

You are comfortably laying on your couch, wondering: what is missing just in front of me?
Of course! A beautiful coffee table for your living room! It is very useful for putting your remote control on it, magazines or even your favorite drink.

If you are looking for a coffee table with a clean and modern style, you will find on our online shop a big selection of colors and finishing, which will perfectly match several types of interior designs.

You don't know what to choose? Here we have some advices to help you to make the best choice for your coffee table.

Finding the right coffee table for your living is easy, but there are a few quick considerations to keep in mind before you get one:

- the height of the table must be proportioned compared to the height of your sofa;
- the gap between your sofa and the table must be 50 cm long (20 inches) so everyone can sit comfortably;
- about the shapes and the colors: you can choose according to your personal taste, paying attention to the space at your disposal. There must always be harmony and balance in the room to avoid creating useless empty areas or, on the contrary, to fill it too much.

We would remind you that our coffee tables are completely Made in Italy, from the design to the production.
Do you still have doubts?
No problem! You can contact us for further details and of course, to help you decide.

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